North Devon Council Service Update and Call for Volunteers

Message from Sue Squires of North Devon Council - 25th March 2020

North Devon Council is looking for volunteers to fill in where our crucial services may be short. This will primarily be needed in Waste and Recycling and in Customer Services where we will be co-ordinating community support as well as taking calls.


The Senior Management Team (SMT) are taking part in regular teleconferences with local, regional and national partners to stay up to date.


As of today, the following service changes will be happening:


  • Lynton House is closed to the public and a video phone has been installed outside for emergencies. We continue to offer a phone service but on reduced staffing

  • Car park charges have been suspended in all NDC car parks to reduce the risk to our wardens

  • All NDC public toilets are closed for public health and safety

  •  Almost 100 staff have been enabled to work from home thanks to the dedication of our IT team

  • A footer will be added to all outgoing emails to explain our service reductions and how people can contact us in an emergency

  • Waste and recycling crews will go down from three people per cab to two people per cab for their protection

  • Customers are being asked to separate their glass from the rest of their recycling and put it in a separate container to speed up the recycling rounds

  • Two members of SMT will come in every day – one at Lynton House and one at BEC and all will be available via email at all times

  • A new community support page has been set up on our website, pointing people to where they can get support in their community – please let us know if you know of anything that’s not listed

  • Customers are being advised we won’t be investigating complaints unless they are deemed to be critical

  • We have provided the Foodbank with a £6k grant to help them support our most vulnerable customers

Longer term, we will be looking at Lynton House being some sort of community hub, particularly to support the most vulnerable people but details on this are still emerging. We will be keeping a close eye on our Waste and Recycling services and amending them as and when necessary. The priority will always be to collect food waste above all else but we are reliant on Devon County council keeping their waste facilities open to take our waste.


As ever, a plea to keep sharing everything we are putting out on social media. These are critical messages we need to get out to the public so the more you can help spread the messages, the more you’ll be doing to help lessen the impact of the virus.


Sue Squire

For additional information and updates on services, grants, guidance etc, visit the North Devon Council Website here.