CARA Annual General Meeting

Updated: Apr 21

We hope you are keeping safe and well in these uncertain times. In view of the continuing impact of Covid19, we cannot hold the usual Annual General Meeting in person.

However, there is certain business that CARA still needs to conduct, within a limited time frame, to fulfil its regulatory obligations.

A decision was therefore taken by the Committee, to hold a virtual Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 14 April 2021 at 7 pm using Zoom instead. The purpose of the virtual meeting is to address the following regulatory issues.

1. Approve Minutes of the January 2020 AGM

2. Accounts and Trustees Report

Review of the accounts of CARA for the year ending 31 December 2020 and accompanying Trustees Report which have been examined by an independent examiner

3. Constitution

Review of revisions to the rules.

4. Appointment of Officers and Committee Members

Current Committee Members and Officers will be standing down at the AGM. Some are putting themselves forward for re-election. Re- election depends on the votes of members. There are vacancies and this is also an opportunity for all members to put themselves forward for election to the Committee if this is something that they wish to do. An application form to become a Committee Member is below:

Application Form to be a Committee Membe
Download • 45KB

Documents for the AGM are accessible by CARA members (password was included in the email sent on 29th March) and can be found here along with zoom details to join the call. Documents include Minutes of AGM 2020, agenda, Chair's Report, accounts, constitution, and activity reports from working groups.

If you wish to be considered for appointment as a Committee Member in the Meeting on 14 April 2021 please complete and return the form to the Secretary using the email address: before 5 pm on Wednesday 7 April 2021 and your name will be added to the list of proposed Committee Members on the Agenda.

Please note, in order to vote at the AGM and / or apply to be a committee member, you are required to be a paid-up Full CARA member. It's only £5 per year! Details of how to pay the subscription can be found here. In order for this to be registered in time for the AGM we recommend your payment is made by 10th April 2021. We can now claim gift aid on your membership fee if you are a UK taxpayer, which boosts the amount of your £5 annual subscription by £1.25. If you are eligible and haven't done so as yet, please complete a Gift Aid Form.

Many thanks for your support

Steve Vine

CARA Chair

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