It's not over yet! Parkdean apply to appeal the decision...

Updated: Apr 21

It’s all been a little quiet over here but we want to keep you updated with where we currently stand with the Protect Croyde Campaign you have been supporting with us.

We now know that Parkdean have applied to the Court for permission to appeal against the decision the High Court Judge made in March 2021 so we are sorry to say that this legal action ain’t over yet!

Your amazing support and donations have made sure the costs of the case have been covered to date but if Parkdean are granted leave to appeal by the Court we will need to raise enough money to contest this action.

Should the High Court Judge’s decision ultimately be overturned (we are keeping everything crossed that it isn’t!) we would also be liable for a proportion of Parkdean’s legal costs.

We have come so far already and have proved that our community’s voice transcends way beyond the boundary of Croyde. The AONB cannot protect itself. It needs us to fight for its preservation and remain as committed and passionate as ever to fighting this case.

As promised on our Crowdjustice campaign page, if after all of the legal action ends, we ultimately win and there are funds remaining, they will be ringfenced and applied to charitable projects that protect and enhance the AONB and people's enjoyment of it.

We will keep you updated on whether Parkdean are granted permission to appeal the High Court decision or not. If they are, we will once again, need to restart our campaign again: David v Goliath Round 2!

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