Neighbourhood Plan Consultation - Your Comments Count!

Updated: Feb 10

PLEASE read the draft plan and share your comments. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of your community and neighbourhood. Scroll down to click on the link to the document.

Click below to open the documents.

The first is the full Neighbourhood Plan. The second is a summary that includes the essential focus of the plan, i.e. the main policies. When the District Planning Department decides a Planning Application it looks for ‘material planning considerations’. The policies in the plan would form the basis for those decisions alongside the local plan. These policies can be quoted to support responses to applications.

Thank you for reading, your support is really important and much appreciated. It will help to shape and protect the future of our environment and community.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan v25
Download PDF • 12.81MB

NP Executive Summary Final Feb 2021
Download DOCX • 34KB

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