Neighbourhood Plan Consultation - Your Comments Count!

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

PLEASE read the draft plan and share your comments. This is your opportunity to help shape the future of your community and neighbourhood. Scroll down to click on the link to the document.

The plan deals with matters relating to the usage and development of land within the Georgeham Parish between now and 2031. It includes a list of policies that take into consideration the impact on things such as community, facilities, education, environment, housing, landscape, wildlife, local economy, etc. The policies have been captured in an executive summary. Please read through the policies. If there is anything you think should be added or amended submit your comments by Monday 5th April Once finalised, these policies can be referred to when commenting on planning applications within the area. If you have questions about the Neighbourhood Plan the Parish Council is hosting a public zoom call on Monday 15th March at 6pm. Details of how to join:

Click this link:

Passcode: 920853


Click on 'join a meeting' and enter the ID and passcode.

Meeting ID: 996 1153 5095

Passcode: 920853

The statement below captures the purpose of the plan very eloquently...

“Our vision is to progress as a sustainable community, striking a balance between meeting the needs of the current and future population and maintaining a steady growth in the local economy, particularly tourism, without destroying the area’s natural beauty and attractiveness.”

Click below to open the documents.

Thank you for reading, your support is really important and much appreciated. It will help to shape and protect the future of our environment and community.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan v25
Download PDF • 12.81MB

NP Executive Summary Final Feb 2021
Download DOCX • 34KB

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