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Bike Race
The Tour of Britain is heading this way!

28th August 2018:

The Tour of Britain comes through Georgeham and Croyde on Monday 3rd September. The full route and estimated timings are available to view at 


To ensure the safe passage of the race it has been necessary to implement a clear way (no waiting or parking ) as the race passes through Georgeham and Croyde. The clearway will run from 09:30am untill 16:00pm . There will be street signs with the details for 2 weeks before the event. The organisers ask for your help in reminding people to park elsewhere and to reschedule things like deliveries, particularly avoiding the afternoon of the race. 

The website shows approx timings of 14:42pm for the advance escort. Cyclists are expected to arrive in Georgeham and Croyde between 14:57pm and15:22pm (depending on their average speed). This should then take a maximum of 5-10 minutes to pass through. It is recommended people watching the race should try and be at the roadside between 30 minutes and 1 hour before the race is due to pass. Advance warning signs will be placed on the key approach roads from August 30th. These will display ‘Delays likely‘ 13:45pm to 16:00pm.

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