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Current and past projects

Full details of the following projects can be found on this page:

New Defibrillators in Croyde

Restoration of Croyde Village Green

Neighbourhood Plan

Traffic  Monitoring

Residents Survey

Neighbourhood Plan

Neighbourhood Plan

Traffic Management
New Defibrillator Training Date Announced

30th March 2023

Thursday 9th November at 6.45pm in Croyde Village Hall,

South West Ambulance will be running

 - A free of charge advisory session on

 - Resuscitation and use of the AED (defibrillator)

 -At Croyde Village Hall, all welcome

Knowing how to use a defibrillator could help save someone's life

- when someone's heart stops, the worst thing is to do nothing

says St John Ambulance





Thanks to the efforts of CARA (Gill in particular!) in securing funding from CARA funds and from other sources (Surf Southwest, Croyde Surf Life-saving Club, The Manor House Inn, Parkdean, and the National Trust)- there are now an additional 4 AED's registered on the circuit in Croyde! This means there are currently  5 AED's in Croyde and 1 in Georgeham.

Play Park
Refurbishment of Croyde Village Green

In 2022, CARA assisted Croyde Village Hall to refurbish the Village Green .

A local Landscaper was commisioned to improve the drainage (it transpires "the Green" used to be the Village Pond!) and resurface the Green. The Village Hall had already commissioned a new path to be laid. CARA, Parkdean (via the AONB Grant Scheme) and the Parish Council all contributed to the cost of the Refurbishment and it is now a beautiful space for locals & visitors alike to sit and enjoy! 

The Village Hall was also informed of the Welcome Back Fund which enabled the addition of Planters, new planting, new benches and lights to illuminate the trees for special occasions! The Community WhatsApp Groups set up by the Caring Community Group  - have continued to care for the Green- volunteers helped to build benches, install water butts and a Team of Villagers continue to care for the Planters- watch out for them with their watering cans!

Neighbourhood Plan

A CARA sub-committee worked closely with the Georgeham Parish Council to help shape a plan that will protect and enhance the area for years to come. The plan is now in place!

The development of the neighbourhood plan is ongoing. Those involved in creating the plan have continued to work tirelessly to meet with various representatives and stakeholders, to discuss requirements, limitations, etc, and to negotiate hard to produce a plan that will protect the future of the community and environment.  

The latest plan can be found at



30th March 2023

Traffic Management

CARA committee members and residents have dedicated time to activities relating to the management of traffic through Croyde. This has involved liaising with the Parish Council, District/County Councillors, Police Community Support Officers, the highways department, and suppliers of traffic management equipment. And organising an interim traffic survey. Details of the timeline of activities are provided in the document below.

CARA Traffic Management – Timeline of Activities

CARA Traffic Survey Full Report

Residents Survey
new debifrilltor

residents survey

In light of concerns about the dwindling community in Croyde, and the potential threat to the character of the village, a survey was conducted to ascertain the ratio of permanent residences to holiday homes/lets. A document outlining the results was created and can be found here.

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