Current and past projects

Full details of the following projects can be found on this page:

Neighbourhood Plan

Traffic Management

Play Park Development

Residents Survey

New Defibrillator in Croyde


The CARA committee have been working hard since late 2016 attending meetings with a number of councillors, liaising with residents, and gathering data in order to influence the local neighbourhood plan. This has involved corresponding with other councils in Devon and Cornwall to understand the processes they have been through.  A CARA sub-committee worked closely with the Georgeham Parish Council to help shape a plan that will protect and enhance the area for years to come. 


Update February 2020: The development of the neighbourhood plan is ongoing. Those involved in creating the plan have continued to work tirelessly to meet with various representatives and stakeholders, to discuss requirements, limitations, etc, and to negotiate hard to finalise a plan that will protect the future of the community and environment.  A redrafted plan has been created and awaiting consultation. Statement from the Georgeham Parish Website:

"The Georgeham Neighbourhood Plan has been redrafted and is currently awaiting a ‘health check’ with a Consultant Planning Advisor to ensure that all the legal requirements have been met. The District Council have offered us this service and they are seeking quotations for the work; unfortunately the officers dealing with this have been delayed by circumstances beyond their control. As soon as we are able we will publish the Draft Plan for a formal Consultation process. Those who have worked on the Plan and the many who have contributed to it share the frustrations associated with this delay".

A previous draft can be found at the link below. The latest version will be uploaded as soon as possible. 

Draft Neighbourhood Plan (V15 November 2018) 

Neighbourhood Plan Progress Report February 2019

More details can be found on the Georgeham Parish Council website.

Neighbourhood Plan


Traffic Management

CARA committee members and residents have dedicated time to activities relating to the management of traffic through Croyde. This has involved liaising with the Parish Council, District/County Councillors, Police Community Support Officers, the highways department, and suppliers of traffic management equipment. And organising an interim traffic survey. Details of the timeline of activities are provided in the document below.

CARA Traffic Management – Timeline of Activities

A traffic survey took place on 18th/19th August 2017 for 10 hours each day. It was an ordinary weekend in August and the weather was cool and windy with occasional heavy showers, so the figures did not include Bank Holiday or heavy beach traffic.The total number of traffic movements through the village over the two 10hr periods was just short of 14,000. (6966 on Friday and 6880 on Saturday). Details are captured in the report below.

CARA Traffic Survey Full Report

The option of a Traffic Speed Illumination sign (similar to Knowle) with a traffic counter that records speed and volume was researched. Details were shared at an open meeting and residents voted to go ahead and to start fund raising to purchase the equipment required. 

UPDATE: The Traffic Speed Monitor was procured and has been positioned at various locations in the parish. Results from the data collected can be found in the News section. 


Play Park Development

The play park development was discussed at the open meeting in November 2017, with residents having an opportunity to ask questions and share thoughts with John Symonds of the Parish Council and a representative from Touchwood, the play park developers. The park was completed successfully and opened in June 2018.  At the July 2018 open meeting it was discussed that further improvements to the play area can be considered. For example, the installation of picnic tables. Residents are encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas with the committee.

residents survey

In light of concerns about the dwindling community in Croyde, and the potential threat to the character of the village, a survey was conducted to ascertain the ratio of permanent residences to holiday homes/lets. A document outlining the results was created and can be found here.