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The CARA Committee continues to meet on a regular basis working on issues such as input to the Neighbourhood Plan, traffic management, improving the website, arranging social events, fundraising. A CARA representative also attends the monthly Parish Council meeting.  In addition, CARA holds regular Open Meetings, to which all residents of Georgeham Parish are invited.  

Dates and brief overviews are shown below for upcoming meetings and past meetings (during the last 12 months). For full details of what was discussed at these and previous meetings please see the MEETING MINUTES. These are fully acc



Are you interested in joining the committee? We’re a friendly collaborative group who enjoy working together to help support and protect the community and environment. If you would like to find out what’s involved and express an interest to join please email us at or speak to a current committee member:

Upcoming meetings

Past Meetings

An Open Meeting took place on Wednesday 29th November 2023 in St Marys Church, Croyde attended by approximately 50 residents.  Committee members gave updates on CARA /CCG projects and a good open discussion took place

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