Become A Member 


If you are a resident of Georgeham Parish and on the parish electoral roll you have the opportunity to become a member of CARA. The fee is just £5 per year.

The benefits of membership include:

  • Your subscription fee helping to fund activities that will protect and enhance the area

  • Voting at open meetings

  • Email updates about activities and developments in the area

  • The opportunity to share your ideas and views on issues affecting the future of the parish villages

  • Access to restricted documents (e.g. meeting minutes)​ 

If you are not a resident of the parish and still wish to offer your support you can become a FRIEND of CARA. Your subscription fee of £5 will help CARA to reach its aims in protecting and enhancing the area. As a friend of CARA your ideas and suggestions will be welcomed.

To become a member or friend of CARA please complete the Registration Form

To renew your membership please complete the Renewal Form

Please note, since gaining charity status CARA can now claim gift aid on subscriptions. This means that for every £1 collected in subscription fees, we can claim 25p. This is great news as it provides extra funding for local projects. Even better news is that gift aid can be claimed for previous years subscriptions. 


When you compete the registration form please tick the appropriate box to indicate whether you ​are eligible to add gift aid to your subscription.  If you have already paid your subscription please complete the separate Gift Aid Form to indicate that you are happy for gift aid to be claimed on your past and future subscription payments.