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Developers lose their appeal to build 5 large villa style houses on the field between Down End and Langsfield, Croyde


Did you know that the proper name for this field is South Park?  Credit is due to Mr John Lewis for this historical nugget of information.


The appeal relates to planning application 74488.  Many people in the area objected to this planning application and CARA engaged professionals to advise and lodge representations on the planning policy and legal aspects of the application, both at the application and appeal stages. 


North Devon Council refused the application in December 2022 but the developers appealed to the planning inspectorate who have now dismissed the appeal.


The inspector’s dismissal of the appeal was based on the adverse impact on the protected landscape and their decision can be found

3318926 Appeal Decision Langsfield
Download PDF • 122KB


Talking about other prominent fields in the protected landscape………….

There is a new planning application (78117) which has the potential to permit a significant commercial change of use to the field above the cliffs at the south end of Croyde Bay.  The designated use of the field is agricultural and it is also classed as “undeveloped coast” in the North Devon Coast protected national landscape.


The application is for a change of use to permit events on the field from 1 April to 31 October each year. 

The detail of the application can be found on the North Devon Planning Portal:



Agricultural land use permits other temporary uses such as car parking and events such SkyBar, weddings and other events which are enjoyed by many. The temporary is limited 28 days per year under general permitted development rights for agricultural land. 


CARA has been contacted by some members about this application.  There are concerns about the balance between a field which contributes to the wide-open views of the coastline and feeling of space and tranquillity versus a potential significant intensification of live music events, open air cinema, weddings and other commercial enterprises being there.  Professional advice is being sought.


And Finally……….


The Georgeham Parish Community Land Trust has submitted an application to provide affordable homes for local people on a field behind Newberry Road, Georgeham (South side).  Details of this application can be found using this link:




The CARA Team would be interested to hear members views on its approach to these matters and whether members find emails like this of interest.


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