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Newberry Road Footpath Project

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Message below from David Morton, regarding the funding for the project to build a footpath on Newberry Road in Georgeham to make it safer for residents. More details about the project can be found on the fundraising link:

Everything is in place to go ahead with the Newberry Road footpath project this autumn. We just need to raise the cash! So far, the Parish Council has met on-going costs and have agreed to meet the cost of purchasing the land. We have also been successful in obtaining a grant from Fullabrook for £2,000 (and may go back to see if we can get more – we had hoped for nearer £8K!), but that leaves about £10,000 still to raise. To this end we have put in an application to the Calor Gas Community Fund for a £5,000 grant but there is a lot of competition – 590 projects chasing just 22 grants so we can’t count on being successful. The next stage in that process is to demonstrate local support and raise money through a crowd-funding site linked to the application. 

The project will score one point for every “Like” (which costs nothing) and ten points for every donation of any value whether £1 or £1000. The more points we score, the more likely we are to get in to the final when the project will be judged. More importantly, we are able to keep the money we raise now.

Also, the more we can demonstrate local support, the stronger our case in going back to Fullabrook for a further grant.

So, could you please visit the project site and either just Like it (for free), or better still make a donation whether large or small. Multiple small donations by different people will score more points than one larger donation to the same value.

The project web site is live until 16th July:

Could you then please forward/share this link as widely as possible with friends and family whether by email or on social media. 

Very many thanks

David Morton

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