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Top Tips For Responding to Planning Applications

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

When making comments on planning applications you really want to make your comments count. It’s important to focus on what the Planning Officers will be able to work with, i.e. Material Considerations. Comments that don’t align risk not being usable by the Planning Officers in the decisions.

Make Your Comments Count

In the case of developments on the green field sites in the AONB, aspects to consider referring to include:

  • Non adherence to the North Devon & Torridge Local Plan, the Neighbourhood Plan, the rules which govern Rural Exception Sites

  • Loss of amenity, light, privacy if you have a neighbouring property

  • The Statutory Protection of the AONB

  • Proximity to the North Devon UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Heritage Coast, the Saunton to Baggy SSSI, Lundy Marine Conservation Zone

  • Impact on biodiversity

  • Concern expressed by the Sustainability Officer on drainage in Croyde field*

  • Potential risk to the marine environment from the increased sewage releases, combined with the effects of increased rainfall predicted as part of climate change*

*The local system is a combined sewage and surface water system so is increasingly vulnerable to overload in heavy rain from further building on agricultural fields which then cannot act as a sponge to hold the rain water

See also the information on the ND planning portal for what Planning Officers can and can’t use as information to inform their decisions

The Neighbourhood Plan includes policies that can be referred to to assess whether a development fits the strategic plan for the future of the area.

Georgeham Parish Neighbourhood Plan final 09_05_21a
Download PDF • 10.36MB

The North Devon and Torridge Local Plan can be found at the link below:

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