to stop harm to the North Devon Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB)


Update:  23rd June 2020


The information below outlines the situation with the appeal to save Croyde AONB from development that could occur without  the usual checks and balances, and without the opportunity for the public to express any concerns. Appeals for crowdfunding have been made via social media, email, and direct contact with family and friends. The situation has raised many questions from people wanting clarity on the impact, the reasons for funding, the options to get decisions overturned, etc.


We have put together a list of  Frequently Asked Questions to help shed more light on the situation. Please do get in touch if you have further questions that we can add to the list. 

Additionally, we have GREAT NEWS!.....we raised the funds required for stage one of the process (£18,0000) in less than 4 days! This just goes to show the strength of feeling of the need to protect the AONB, as well as the quality of life of the community, and the enjoyment of visitors. If stage one of the process is successful, we will require further funds to take the appeal to the next stage. We will update you when we need to start raising the extra funds. In the meantime, thank you SO very much for all your support so far. 


Parkdean (the owner of RUDA holiday park) is using a legal loophole to enable them to put caravans on a piece of undeveloped land within the red line.  RUDA referred to that piece of land as “the Service Field”.  It is a large green field to the right of Lundy House which runs along the boundary of the existing caravan park up towards the Northern Ridges of the Crydda Valley.  You may remember our petition objecting to this last year whichover 1500 people signed.  

The Planning inspector in February 2020 agreed, on a simple point of law, that Parkdean could lawfully put an unspecified number of caravans on that piece of land.  

In addition to concern about the harm to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty that this represents there is further concern that RUDA can use this same legal loophole in the future to put caravans on other undeveloped green areas inside the red line.  This would apply to other undeveloped land they have inside the red line now.  Further, it   could be applied to any land they may acquire inside the red line in the future. The land on the right hand side of the blue line is currently thought to be under Parkdean’s ownership but no one knows what other land they may acquire within the red line in the future.

We are appealing to people who care about this beautiful natural landscape and the environment to help us raise funds to get the source of this loophole removed and prevent the risk of development of green areas near to Croyde Bay and the northern ridges.

If nothing is done the size of RUDA Holiday Park could increase markedly and impact on the natural landscape and environment of this area of Croyde Bay.

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Background information

In January 2014, Parkdean applied to the Local Planning Authority for an extension of time for RUDA holiday park to be open.  

That application included an incorrect plan of the holiday park.  The red line on the photograph gives an illustration of the area included in that plan.   The planning application was granted and this incorrect plan was approved as part of that decision.

In 2016/2017, Parkdean met widespread objections from the AONB officer, National Trust, Parish Council, visitors, residents and others to a planning application to put 50 static caravans on a green field it owned next to RUDA holiday park.  (The Service Field).  The AONB Officer said it would cause harm to the protected landscape of the AONB.  Environmental Consultees expressed concern about the impact on water quality and the need for a proper drainage system.   The static caravans proposed were to be placed on concrete bases. The application was altered to putting 22 static caravans on the field.  Objections were again received.  The application did not proceed any further.

Onex Corporation a Canadian private equity investment firm reportedly acquired Parkdean around this time.

Later in 2017 Parkdean applied for a Certificate of Lawful Development for putting caravans on the Service Field.  They claimed that legal interpretation of the 2014 decision permitted them to put an unspecified number of caravans on this field already.  Therefore, no planning permission was needed. The green field was within the red line of the holiday park plan which had been approved as part of that decision.

On an appeal against the Planning Authority’s refusal to grant the Certificate of Lawful Development, the Planning Inspector agreed that Parkdean’s interpretation of the decision was correct in law.

It follows that if Parkdean are entitled to put unspecified numbers of caravans on this green field they can use this same reasoning to do the same for other undeveloped green areas within the red line.

Urgent action is needed to resolve this situation, otherwise Parkdean may place unspecified numbers of caravans in green undeveloped areas of this beautiful and sensitive natural landscape that lie within the red line.  

Development carried out under a Certificate of Lawful Development is not the same as applying for development under a planning application.  There is no opportunity for assessment of environmental impacts on the AONB and on the existing infrastructure, which is already under strain and does not have capacity to cope with the demands on it in the high season.  There would be no opportunity for the Local Planning Authority to consider imposing conditions on such development to address water quality issues arising from run off from fields as a result of  concrete bases being built on the fields for the static caravans or to  ensure adequate drains and sewage provision to meet the extra impact of more people in more caravans.

Whilst legally Parkdean may be able to do this:

  1. placing caravans in the undeveloped areas will cause harm to the AONB and have adverse environmental impacts;

  2. they will be profiting from their submission of an incorrect plan of the holiday park;

  3. their legal advisors acknowledged to the Planning Inspector that the legal interpretation of the 2014 planning decision provides them with permission to develop the land in this way, which is something they didn’t apply for. They had applied for an extension of time to open the holiday park – they did not apply for planning permission to change the use of the land  - but this is what the wording of the decision  had granted them.


Action we have taken so far

Legal advice has been obtained from a barrister about the most effective way to resolve the situation and solicitors have been engaged.

Such action has involved us in embarking on an expensive legal process which is currently heading towards action in the High Court.  Funds are needed to pursue this action further, to try and ensure the right outcome for the AONB and the environment.  Legal advice and action cost a lot of money and this is a specialist area.  


Crowd Fund

We are urgently appealing to you, your family, friends and colleagues for donations to the crowd fund to make sure this matter is resolved properly.  

There is no such thing as a standard case with issues such as this so we need to have a solid backing of funds for our legal costs otherwise we won’t be able to act with the speed and confidence that is needed to see this through.  We will not be able to act at all if we don’t have sufficient funds.  

The initial target is for us to have sufficient funds to cover legal costs, fees and potential liabilities for the first stage of legal proceedings.  This is estimated at £18,000.

The overall total needed if it goes to a full court hearing is estimated at £40k to £50k.

However if we don’t take action now, the cost to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty could be incalculable . 


Please donate what you can afford using this link to our crowd funding page 



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Many many thanks for your help and support! 

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