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Traffic Monitor Review

CARA – Speed Monitor Review

The speed monitor was purchased as a joint venture by CARA and Georgeham Parish Council using various funds and donations. It has been used in various locations throughout the Parish of Georgeham & Croyde since March 2019. The monitor software provides accurate data for both traffic speed and volume for daily, weekly and monthly time scales. The simple analysis sheet below shows results from the various locations where the monitor has been located. It has taken some time to fully understand how the software works and how best to collate the recorded Data.

Its clear from the huge volumes of traffic queuing to get into Croyde this summer that we have a serious problem that must be addressed. Many Parish residents have said that they have never seen the volumes of traffic we experienced this summer entering our villages.

The data taken from the speed monitor was both surprising and cause for concern. Although in general the average speed of traffic is in line with the designated speed limits, the speed monitor recorded large numbers of vehicles exceeding the speed limit at all locations. The volumes of traffic recorded were staggering.

CARA carried out a traffic survey in 2017 and the collected date surprised everyone. In the 3 years since traffic has increased substantially which can be seen when examining the speed monitor data. In the past when traffic issues were discussed with the Parish, District and County Councils our concerns were dismissed through a lack of evidence. The 2017 traffic survey together with the substantial data obtained from the Speed Monitor is evidence that we can pass on to the Council and Highways offices. It's our hope that when they see this evidence they will start to understand our problems and discuss how best to deal with them.

Speed Monitor Data & Locations - Oct 202
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